Welcome Mahalaxmi Manufacture Jewellery

Mahalaxmi Manufacture is reputed store in Ahmedabad. Mahalaxmi Manufacture is in  Retail Business having setup in Ahedabad, Gujarat India.

Mr. Nikhil soni Proprietors of Mahalaxmi Manufacture has more than 15 Year Experience in the Field of Jewellery especially for gold Kundan Jewellery like Pendal Set, Antique Set, Gold Antique Pendent Set, Bangles, Jadau Ring, etc..
Also Mahalaxmi has well manufacturing set up in Ahmedabad having  Skilled Worker to produce Varieties of gold Jewellery for regular clients stores across the Ahmedabad. Now a days gold kundan set & antique set hub is manekchowk at ahmedabad.
With All Mahalaxmi gold Jewellery Products, Mahalami Manufacture also provide Customized gold Jewellery, as per requirement of Clients.
As we know that, India is the world's largest market for gold & now diamond. Surprisingly, for a valuable metal, the demand for gold in India makes the social division like rich class-poor class, like urban-rural etc… In fact, rural areas and the lower economic classes buy as much gold as the urban and rich classes. In short, Gold is so much precious metal in India. So keeping this in mind, Mahalaxmi Jewellers run this business last 70 years, and now a days Mr. Nikhil Soni who has 15 years experience, is run this business & take it on high level with 15+ high skilled workers. Over the years, we have experienced excellent growth, and have delivered high quality gold Jewellery at excellent price.
Mahalaxmi Jewellers is well-known manufacturer in Ahmedabad, who are dealing in wholesale, retail as well as customization work. Mahalaxmi Jewellers mainly works on Pendal Set, Mangalsutras, Ear-rings sets etc… Mahalaxmi Jewellers is cognizant of the Imitation Jewellery trends and the fashion in the contemporary market. After all, we are the Jeweller for generations!
At Mahalaxmi Jewellery, our valued customers can confirm the purity of the gold they buy by running a free carat analyser test themselves. In the field of gold industry, Mahalaxmi Jewellery believe in fare business and providing the customer with value coupled with warm service.